Sunday, December 5, 2010

Protective Products for Old Dog Paws

Do you take care of your old dog’s paws? Everyone knows exercise is good for an old dog’s health so we include them in our walks which we take in all types of weather. In the summer, we protect our own feet with comfortable shoes and in the winter an extra pair of socks inside our boots. But once we’re ready most people just attach a leash and head outside without any consideration of how a walk will affect our dog’s feet. It is almost like we are asking our dogs to endure the elements barefooted!

There are a variety of innovative products available that protect your dog’s paw from the elements. The trick is training your older dog to wear them. There are also several products that help when your old dog’s paws are already sore.

Dog Boots – There are several different types of dog boots.
• Orthopedic – Used to protect wounds caused by dragging paws
• Disposable – Keep your dog's paws safe and dry in wet and muddy conditions – great for the visits to the dog park.
• All purpose boots – Use them year-round on rocky trails or fields covered with winter snow or summer thistles.
• Extreme Winter Boots – Added warmth, provides traction and protect your dog's paws from ice, rocks and rough terrain.

Protective Products for Paws

Knit Socks - Protects and warm your pet's paws used indoors or out.

Paw Heals - Creates a germ and water barrier, penetrating rapidly and deeply. Does not wash off when dogs are in water. Helps your dogs paw pads and webbing heal.

Paw Protectors - Products are available to aid in the care and repair of dry, calloused foot pads. The product softens calloused areas and increases the pliability of the pad, while maintaining the resiliency consistent with normal healthy tissue.

Paw Spray – A pet friendly spray that removes dirt and more from your dog's paws. There are some that contain aloe so will help soothe and condition irritated paws.

Paw Wipes - Cleans and deodorizes dog paws with a fresh scent. Use to help stop the spread of dirt and odors.

Pet safe winter ice melter - Keep your steps, sidewalks and driveway both pet and environmentally friendly.

Leg wraps – Not sure if these are more of a fashion statement but they could protect your dog from formation of Ice-balls or collecting thorns in the fur.

Canine footbath – A device that you place your dogs paw into and it cleans it. As you pull the paw out it says it works like a squeegee.

Dog paw cleaner brush - There are extra soft, super absorbent microfibers dusters that are designed to be gentle on tender paws.

Paw De-icier – A special solution that repels water, ice, and snow. This will help to prevent water from freezing between pads, and snow from clumping on fur.

Musher's Secret - An invisible “boot” for dogs, made of dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs; its said to provide great protection even in the most extreme conditions. The semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes. Aids in protecting your dogs paws from salt and chemicals, ice build-up, snowballing, sand, sand-burn, hot pavement, and rough terrain.

Brief warning, we had a bit of a struggle to train our old dog to get his foot gear on. Maybe the old guy was embarrassed. He was definitely stubborn and comfortable in his ways. But the “bootie-battle” was worth it in the long run. Best of luck!

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