Thursday, December 8, 2011

BEST Gifts for your Old Dog at Christmas!

Does your senior dog, an old friend who is a part of your family for years, have a special gift under the Christmas tree? Is there a holiday dog stocking by the fireplace filled to the brim with a chew toy and chicken-flavored dog treats for your lovable older pet? Well, by gosh, there should be!

Our family embraced the holidays as a time to spoil and pamper our pet. Tikki (and his cat siblings) had their own Christmas socks and special holiday gifts under the tree. Every year as Tikki aged, we bought our old dog a new dog bed as a holiday gift. The old one was usually worn down from extended use. He was properly spoiled the first year we purchased the plush orthopedic bolster bed. But as he aged, he really seemed more comfortable with the lower edge and smooth fabric of a large therapeutic dog mattress.

As he approached 15 years, Tikki didn't enjoy the rawhide chew bone as much as he had in previous years as they became too tough to chew. We opted for homemade dog cookies and less chewy dog treats to stuff his holiday stocking. But he still loved plush dog toys and chasing bright colored balls well into senior life.

The year of the dog ramp was especially memorable. Tikki was struggling with the back steps so we installed one at our back door. The dog ramp we purchased was designed with extra traction so there would be less trouble getting up and down the ramp in snowy or icy weather. We did consider a portable one too...Our old dog absolutely loved car rides and often joined the family as we toured the holiday lights throughout the neighborhood.

5 PERFECT Holiday Gifts for Senior Dogs:

  1. Therapeutic Dog Bed (Coziest Christmas gift for the older canine!)
  2. Dog Booties (Protect old dog paws from ice and salt.)
  3. Portable Dog Ramp (Bring your old dog all through the season.)
  4. Thundercoat for Dogs (Calming during stressful holiday parties and activities.)
  5. Holiday Dog Sweater (Festive way to include Fido in the family holiday picture.)

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