Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Squirrel Watching!

One of our dog's favorite activities was chasing squirrels. Like Doug, the dog from the Pixar movie UP!, Tikki would race out the door at the mention of the word, "Squirrel!"

As Tikki became a senior dog, the squirrels didn't have to race as quickly up the oaks in our yard. He couldn't chase them as soon as we opened the door. With failing eyesight and weak back legs, the rodents ran up the tree long before we assisted Tikki down his dog ramp. But boy how he enjoyed watching them from the window. 

As it had been a long winter with lots and lots of snow, we felt a bit sorry for Tikki's squirrel friends one very cold February morning, so we took a plate of seeds, crackers and apples out for a bit of squirrel watching.

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