Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Day Stress Can Overwhelm Older Dogs

Moving day is very stressful for the entire family even under ideal circumstances. No matter how we plan for that move, things come up. Wallets get lost; moving trucks breakdown; volunteer helpers don't arrive (or worse yet, don't help much). Yes, moving day is stressful but families with pets have special issues. And when the dog is older, sometimes we just have to accommodate the situation.

Today, I had a closing where my clients were moving about a hundred miles south of their current home in Chisago County. They were to give immediate possession to the new buyers after the closing so they had to have the home entirely cleared out prior to the meeting. With temps in the 80’s at 8 AM, it could have been deadly to leave a dog in the car so their terrier-mix, Max, had to accompany my clients into the title office. It was obviously the poor dog was already stressed from the move. He trembled and whined softl as he sat on his owner’s lap while she signed one document after another. Max is not a puppy and the stress of a move can be hard on an older dog. So I thought a few good reminders of what to do on moving day might be in order.

Keeping Your Dog Happy on Moving Day!

Make sure your pet is safe. Keep him in a safe room/kennel or at a trusted neighbor’s or pet sitter’s home while your belongings are being loaded into the truck. (A pet sitter directory is available here). Make sure it is a place your pet is familiar with as to not create additional stress. If you do leave your pet in a room in your home, remember to check in frequently unless you want to have a carpet cleaning and/or replacement bill added to your closing statement.

Identify your pet. Make certain that your pet’s collar or tags have current information with a cell phone number and/or the new home information so you can be contacted in the event of an escape.

Make the Carrier Feel Like Home. Put in your pet’s favorite blanket, toy or bed along with food and water for the trip. Remember a container of additional food and water in case of spills. It is a good idea to pack paper towels and wet wipes to clean up any messes from sickness or accidents during the ride. Don’t leave your pet unattended for more than a few minutes at a time in his transportation kennel.

CLICK HERE for additional tips on making your senior dog comfortable on moving day. 

Article written by Teri Eckholm who is a Minnesota REALTOR who works with families and their pets as they move throughout the northern Twin Cities metro.

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