Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Challenges--Senior Dog Accidents

Snow and ice cause accidents...and not just for cars either. Older dogs can be faced with winter woes too! Slippery sidewalks. Salted Driveways. Sub-Zero Temps. They all take a toll on the health of your older dog.

Our senior dog, Tikki, struggled on cold winter days to stand up on his arthritic legs and walk down his ramp on the back stairs to go to the bathroom. I know there were days he would try to avoid the process for a little too long. Some days he would just make it out the door...and some days he just didn't make it on time. So what's a senior dog owner to do when the temperature drops below zero and your older dog can't make it outside?
  • Make it less painful to go out. Put on dog booties to protect the paws.
  • Make it easier to go down the stairs. Get a temporary ramp that can be brought indoors so it won't be the metal surface won't be as cold and slippery when your dog needs to go out.
  • Make cleaning up easier. If necessary, resort to the puppy pads to protect your floors and carpeting. Washable doggie diapers are also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable dog diapers for older dogs who refuse to go out into the cold and snow..
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