Friday, March 16, 2012

Warm Spring Equals Early Ticks & Heartworms

Fleas Ticks and Heartworms in Older Dogs

Dog parks are filled with pets, young and old, barking for joy as the snow is almost a memory across the northern and Midwest states almost a month earlier than usual. But get set dog lovers as it is going to be a parasite-filled year. With record breaking temperatures across the northern half of the country, ticks are a concern for older dog owners in March rather than April or May. The warm weather has brought out the pests to states as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin; states which are normally snow covered at this time of year. Early and complete tick removal is essential to keeping your dog healthy. Likewise, senior dog owners that opt for a seasonal heartworm treatment might should consider ordering heartworm preventative as soon as possible. In fact, a local vet was on the news the other day who said that due to the warm weather, fleas and round worms are also going to be more of a nuisance to dogs and their owners this year. It is important to note, any parasite can be a danger to an older dog's fragile health.

So senior pet owners beware; ticks, fleas, heartworms and other parasites are making an early appearance with this year. Be ready and protect your loveable old dog!

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