Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Costumes or No Costumes for an Old Dog on Halloween?

I have to say, we were a family that loved Halloween. For months we would plan out the costumes for our kids. Some were elaborate and some were very trendy before the trends. Our kids went as giant M&M's before the store bought costumes were available. But never once in 17+ years did we attempt to dress up our dog. Tikki just wasn't the type of dog that would have wanted to play in that way. He loves treats but I think there would have been more tricks, like him slipping out of his collar if we attempted to include him on our neighborhood rounds.

Some people feel costumes are undignified for pets, whether the dog is young or old. Yet for some dogs, the costumes seem to suit them and they look adorable. Remember, that all holidays can be full of fun and excitement but can be stressful on a senior pet. If you chose to dress up your older dog, make sure he can handle both the style of outfit and the attention that comes with wearing it.

Just like with children, there are safety concerns with a Halloween costume for an older dog:.

  • Make sure it isn't too heavy for his back/neck.
  • Avoid tripping hazards.
  • Avoid anything that hinders eyesight.
  • Straps or harnesses that are too binding on the back/shoulder area
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