Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is YOUR Senior Dog Geriatric? Or just a Good Old Dog!

 Many times when you search the internet for information on senior or older dogs, the sites tend to incorporate the term geriatric as well. So are all old dogs considered geriatric? According to Webster the term geriatric refers to “dealing with the problems and diseases of old age.”  Since all dogs are not raised exactly the same I think it is inaccurate to put all dogs into a category based on there age and breed. With proper nutrition, exercise and preventive care any aged dog that is still active, may be senior but still considered relatively healthy.

 I would consider two separate categories for our aging pets. Senior dogs have simply grown old but still remain active, eating well and have not been affected with any age related illnesses. Geriatric dogs have come down with some kind of ailment associated with getting old age and are usually on some kind of medication.

 Based on statistics, our old dog should have had a life expectance of 10-12 years and was considered old at six. Our family was very fortunate to have had our senior dog with us for 17 years but I would have only classified his last year as geriatric.  The saying, “you are only as old as you feel,” also apply to our pets. Treat them well and hopefully yours will be as fortunate by living a long time past the statistical charts.

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