Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ramp it Up! (Or Down) for YOUR Senior Dog

When we moved to our acreage home from the city, our dog was just five. Not old enough to be considered a senior dog yet still young enough to enjoy running free on our two acre lot. He was still able to leap in a single bound down the four stairs from the laundry room door to the ground and chase every last chattering squirrel back up any one of the dozen plus oak trees in our backyard. That was when we moved in but a decade later as arthritis began to take a toll on his joints, he would stand at the bottom of the stairs and stare while he struggled to get the momentum to start what sometimes was a five minute struggle. 

This was the point where we made the decision to install a doggie ramp on the back stairs to our home. It was a godsend! Tikki was much happier and quickly learned to walk up and down the ramp. It was wonderful that he no longer struggled to get down the steps every time he had to go outside. It made the last two years of his life much more pleasant not only for him but for our entire family.

Our only regret is that we hadn’t bought the dog ramp sooner. We watched our older dog struggle for several months before making the decision to get him a ramp. How short sighted we were. It wasn’t as if he was going to change from his senior dog status overnight and become a pup again. We live and learn. There are so many awesome dog ramp options: collapsible, car ramps, stationary.  There is virtually one for every type of situation and size of dog. Should we face a similar situation where  a senior dog of ours struggles, we would immediately invest in a dog ramp for the home and a second one for the car. Our best friends will continue to live in dignity throughout their lives!

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