Sunday, October 9, 2011

The ABC's of Senior Dog Care--Grooming

The G in old dog care definitely is for Grooming. As your dog enters his senior years, a trip to the groomer's can a bit troublesome. As arthritis makes it difficult to get down the stairs and up into the car for the road trip, many might put off this essential task. 

But grooming is essential. An older dogs skin is more sensitive and tends to be dry. Dogs toenails continue to grow and must be kept trimmed. Neglecting nail care can lead to a dog's nails catching on the carpeting or other obstacles causing injury. Long haired dogs will need the hair inside the ear canal trimmed to avoid ear mites and infections. So getting to the groomer or grooming at home is essential.

Tips for Keeping Older Dog's Groomed

1. Invest in a portable dog ramp or stairs so a trip to the groomer is easy on both you and your senior dog.

2. Find a groomer that specializes in older dog grooming. Some even offer groom-at-your-home service.

3. Learn how to groom your pet at home. By bathing, trimming and clipping at home, it can keep your pet calm and looking spiffy into his golden years.

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