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Waterproof, Durable and Replaceable Dog Bed Covers for Orthopedic Dog Bed--Perfect for the SENIOR Dog!

If there is one thing made our older dog comfortable during his senior years it was his dog bed. We had not invested in a dog bed when Tikki was a pup, but as he aged we saw the amount of time he spent lying down and the difficulty he was having getting up off the floor. Eventually our old dog had not one but two, well used and loved, dog beds in the house. But it took some work to find the right dog bed for our senior dog.

Local stores had few good senior dog bed options. We ended up purchasing several beds using the trial and error method.. Some were too fluffy for Tikki to lift his paws over them as his eyesight was poor. He often tripped when the profile of the bed was too high or slippery. Once the bed was used, it could not be returned so it was a frustrating expensive, process to find a good orthopedic dog bed.

Recently, I found a wonderful orthopedic dog bed online that would have been perfect for our home and senior dog. It has everything an aging dog needs for back and bone support. It is orthopedic foam dog bed with a removable and replaceable cover. There are also optional waterproof covers that can be purchased to further protect the mattress from accidents. Optional extra covers are an important feature because an older dog will make continual use of his bed. When we needed to wash the cover, Tikki would resort to using the uncovered bed which would cause the actual mattress pad to deteriorate much more quickly. Had the option of replacement and waterproofing covers been available to us, this would have made Tikki’s favorite bed last throughout his final years.
Features to a PERFECT Bed for the Older Dog

  1. Orthopedic Support
  2. Washable Cover
  3. Replaceable Cover
  4. Availability of Waterproof Lining Covers
  5. Cover fabric that is durable and not slippery

Using this short list will help guide you to find the perfect bed for your older dog.  Having a good place to rest is essential to making your dog’s senior years happy!

Need more help to find the perfect dog bed for your Senior Dog? 
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