Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Bolster Dog Bed for the Diggingest Old Dog!

When my boys were younger, they loved Dr. Suess’ beginning reader books. One of their favorites was The Diggingest Dog by Al Perkins. In the story, a boy, Sammy Brown enters the pet store and rescues a dog from life on “the bare, hard floor of stone”.

Our own dog was a pup then and though he liked to dig, Tikki rarely slept on bare floor. He had his usual spots on a rug or the carpet. Sometimes at night, he would even sneak up on the couch. The one time we kenneled Tikki for a trip, they did keep him in a cement-floor jail cell. We never kenneled him again.

As Tikki got older, we remembered the book and knew he would need a bed. But which dog bed is best for a senior dog?

Our first attempt was around the time Tikki was 9 years old and we purchased a bolster bed. This one was just the ticket at the time. Tikki loved the pillowed edge around the side that supported his back. In order to get into the dog bed, he had to be able to maneuver over the edge. But at 9 years young, Tikki was still spry and full of energy; arthritis had yet to kick in so it was a perfectly cozy choice for our diggingest dog!

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