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The ABC's of Senior Dog Care--Ears

There are so many things to consider when caring for your dog as he ages. Literally from A to Z there are conditions, products and ideas that will make the most of your dog's senior years. 

The "E" word for today is EARS!

If you have ever visited Disneyworld or Disneyland, you know that all trainees wear badges that say "Earning their Ears". Well, your older canine has earned his ears in your family over his long life, but they might not be working as well as they used to. There are many indications of a potential ear problem from balance issues to smelly discharge. These can be caused by infection or a disease.

CLICK HERE for a full list of signs of ear problems in senior dogs.

Products and supplies to keep your dog's ears healthy:

Ear Clensing Pads - Keeping your pet's ears clean and dry is your best defense against ear infections. It's recommended you clean your pet's external ear canal 1-2 times per week. Ear Clens® Pads are convenient pads that work gently; yet contain powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal ingredients that help change the pH in your pet's ear, making it much less likely to harbor the growth of yeast and bacteria. Simply toss these mess-free pads in the garbage when cleanings are done. 

Ear Cleaning Solution - For areas of the ear you cannot reach with a pad, squirt a few drops of Ear Clens® Solution in the ear. This solution contains the same active ingredients as Ear Clens® Pads. You may also consider Pet-Otic, with salicylic acid and malic acid, which break down and remove wax and other debris. 

Ear Drying Agents - Relieve your pet's irritating ear itch and help prevent bacteria and fungal growth by keeping ear canals dry. Dry ears stay clean and healthy and odor-free. After weekly cleaning with liquid ear solution, simply hold the Ear Powder applicator tip about an inch from your pet's ears and squeeze directly into the ear. Powder makes gripping with a hair puller much easier when you need to "strip" ear canal hairs on certain dog breeds. 

Ear Mitacide - Ear mites can be a misery for your pet. An effective pyrethrin Ear Miticide can eliminate these irritating, common parasites that your pet can pick up. If itchy ears are accompanied by a black, crumbly discharge, there's a good chance your pet has ear mites. And the constant scratching means that he'll be more prone to ear infections. 

Ear Care Kit - A convenient way to keep everything you need to care for your pet's ears on hand is the Ear Care Kit. The three products included in this kit will protect your pet's ears from inflammation by cleansing, killing mites (if your pet has them), and drying out moist ear canals.

Otoscope - A high intensity Veterinary Quality Otoscope lets you examine your pet's ears up close so you can detect ear conditions before they become problems. Lighted scope magnifies up to 10 times in high resolution and includes three cones for different sized ear canals.
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