Friday, August 12, 2011

The ABC's of Senior Dog Care--Fur

Okay...F has to stand for Fur when talking about older dog care. Our furry pals have more skin and fur issues as they age and taking care of their coats, keeps the hair and fur from shedding all over. 

Brushing and grooming can get difficult as a dog ages but it is very important not to stop grooming your older dog. Brushing a dog is very therapeutic if done with a gentle touch. It helps distribute oils and pull out dead matted clumps of fur. Plus it is a great way to assess if there is an embedded tick or other lesion on your pet. 

If your senior dog has trouble jumping into a bathtub, try using a kiddie pool and the hose. That is what we used for Tikki as he became harder to groom. In colder weather, we did bring him into the groomer with the aid of a dog ramp to get him into the car. It may be tempting as a dog ages to avoid taking care of his fur because of the difficulties but in the long run it is healthier for your pet to actively take care of his fur!

More Skin Care Tips for Older Dogs can be found by  CLICKING HERE to go to the OldDogPaws Skin Care page.

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