Monday, August 22, 2011

First Aid Kit for Dogs

Do you have a first aid kit? Most people have one for their family's cuts and scrapes but what about for your dog. Whether at home or on the go, it's important to have a few items that might prevent a costly trip to the doggy emergency room. Emergency vet visits can be expensive. While a first aid kit cannot replace the care of a qualified veterinarian, a good canine first aid kit could be a lifesaver for your older dog!

20 Essentials of a CANINE First Aid Kit (And common uses for the items.)

1. Rubbing Alcohol (Tick and thorn removal.)
2. Antiseptic Lotion (Clean out cuts or scratches.)
3. Antibacterial Ointment (Prevent infection.)
4. Bandages or Rolled Gauze (Temporarily binding of wounds.)
5. Cotton Swabs(Remove debris from cuts, antiseptic application & ear cleaning.)
6. Elizabethan Collar (Prevent dog from chewing bandages and licking wounds)
7. Non-sticking Adhesive Plaster (Apply to wound to keep dressing in place.)
8. Eye Wash (Wash debris from eyes.)
9. Rectal Thermometer and Petroleum Jelly (Take Temperature*.)
10. Muzzle (Prevent biting when treating the dog.)
11. Kaolin Pectate/Milk of Magnesia (Treat diarrhea.)
12. Top Quality Nail Clippers (Trim nails.)
13. Tweezers with rounded ends (Remove thorns or debris from wounds.)
14. Thermal or Regular Blanket (Maintain body temperature.)
15. Styptic pencil, cotton wool and gauze(Stop blood flow.)
16. Scissors(Trim hair near wounds.)
17. Flashlight (See in ears, throat etc.)
18. Eyedropper (Administer medications.)
19. Strong Packing Tape and pieces of wood or stiff cardboard (For Splints)
20. Towels--Paper and Regular (Stopping blood, drying etc.)
21. Veterinarian’s Phone Number/Emergency Number

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