Monday, August 15, 2011

Old Dog Accidents--Cleaning Up Completely is Essential

Imagine this--You open the door after a long day to be greeted by a sullen canine and a strong odor. Your well-trained, good old dog just had  an accident. The sadness in his eyes breaks your heart because he has always been so good in the past but the smell is overpowering too. The emphasis here is on OLD since senior dogs can have more bladder issues and other accidents as they age. The reality is, they just cannot help it. 

So how do you live "happily-ever-after" with an accident-prone Senior Dog? Several important steps are found at the Humane Society website but here they are in a nutshell:
  1. Take your dog to the vet to make sure this is not  a more serious health issue.
  2. Clean thoroughly. If a dog can smell his odor in the area where the accident happened, he is very likely to do it again. MORE CLEANING TIPS HERE
  3. Retrain your pet to not go in the house.
  4. Adjust your schedule to accommodate your senior dog's changing needs.
As our pets age we may have to alter our lifestyles around their schedules a bit to make sure they are let out on a more frequent basis due to aging systems. It takes a bit more work but your lifelong friend deserves to be treated well throughout his entire lifespan. Adapting is key to enjoying life with your senior pet.

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